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stand alone messages

The US of A - Jared Stepp & Cameron Spees

Welcome to our 9 AM gathering! God is on the move in our city and our nation and we are so glad you've joined us this morning!

Psalm 127-128: Families That Worship Together - Jared & Jessica Stepp

Welcome to our 9 AM gathering! Today we are looking at Psalm 127-128 and "Families that Worship Together"

What Do We Do About Anxiety - Benjamin Schartow

Are you experiencing anxiety? Well we are going to take a look at "What To Do About Anxiety"! Gods gonna work out your anxiety today! Ben Schartow our Youth Pastor will be giving us some tool to take anxiety on!

Psalm 46: The Ender of Wars - Jared Stepp

We'll be going through through Chapter 2:12-18 in the book of Philippians and hear God's Word about shining like stars!

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