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Why did I just buy another $4.57 coffee??? You’ve been there, maybe you are there – the same thought process, same desires, same regrets afterward (same jittery feeling in your stomach before an energy crash later – haha). Maybe it’s another brownie, turning on the same mind-numbing TV show, hitting the snooze again, or yelling instead of responding more sanely to a problem. At any rate, you’ve been stuck before, and you’re likely to get stuck again. How do you break free?

Here are 3 steps to getting unstuck (praying your way free) …

  1. Renounce the lie that you have to keep doing this, “Father, I renounce the lie that I have to keep buying things like this. I renounce the lie that I need them.”

  2. Replace it with the truth. “Father, I have the Holy Spirit inside me, and one of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. Therefore, self-control has to continually grow in me. I will be excellent with my finances in Jesus name from now on.”

  3. Restore the image of God. Take a moment and picture yourself in the room where you’d be making that decision. Ask God, “God where are you with me in that room?” Then allow Him to show up in the room with you. Recognize that He’s always with you to help you, and HE WILL strengthen you to make better choices the next time. Then He gets restored as the rightful ruler in that area of your life!

Rinse, repeat. You don’t have to stay stuck in any area of your life. Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit to win in you!

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