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David Webber is our Facilities Director. He is responsible for the physical operations of our two campuses. He also manages special projects that arise on either campus, examples of the special projects are the drum cage on the stage, the missions wall, and sanitary stations at Mason campus. 

He also orchestrates the building construction projects/general contractor that we have had in 2019 and currently have under construction.

David Webber is a retired engineer having to his credit two patents, one in conveyor design and the other in furniture/chair design. Both patents are owned by the companies that he worked for.

As a graduate of Rhema Bible College, Western Michigan University, and Ferris State University, David brings a wealth of success and experience to Journey Life Church and is honored to serve the Lord in his capacity at Journey Life Church. He also currently leads a Life Group about “going deeper” in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

David is married to his wife Brenda, an entrepreneur, CEO of two companies Disability Appeals Advocates and Health Claims Advocates, also a PAC/Physician’s Assistant with over 25 years in emergency care at McLaren Hospital in Lansing.

David and Brenda enjoy playing pickleball together, kayaking, and skiing both downhill and cross-country. David also enjoys exercising, running, and biking, both trail and road.

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