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Our heart in Journey Kids is to connect with kids and families, Grow in God and Share His love with others.

Pastor Angela Oberlin



Our Kids Pastor, Angela Oberlin, started her journey in kids ministry when she was 18, attending a youth service on serving. That night, she made the decision to get involved. Since then, her passion and love for kids has only grown. She has been actively involved in many areas of kids ministry for twenty years and graduated from Mt. Hope’s School of Pacesetting Leadership and Spiritual Authority.

Angela and Joe became friends first then quickly fell for each other, married in 1999 and have 3 children, Joey, Tyler and Grant. Angela’s family loves doing life “together” and are passionate about serving in church and their community.

Angela loves driving go karts on her property with her boys and riding into the sunset with her husband on his vintage motorcycle. She loves to teach kids, write curriculum, is creative, and relational. Angela is excited to create fun opportunities that encourage kids and families to CONNECT. She is passionate to see kids EXPERIENCE JESUS as they grow in the knowledge of God's word, develop deep friendship with Him, and share His LOVE with others.

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In Tiny Town, our youngest children will feel loved. They will play, learn songs, eat snacks,  and hear stories from the Bible. Tiny Town provides a safe, respectful, interactive, and loving environment for our youngest children. Our kids learn about how God made us, He made all of creation, and how He loves it all so much.   Through various creative activities, each child is introduced to Jesus. Our kids will have a loving and nurturing experience in Tiny Town.



In SmallVille, our kids will build relationships. Our kids play games, sing songs, enjoy crafts, eat snacks, engage in interactive activities, and learn more about Jesus. Smallville is a safe, respectful, and loving place for young children to learn more about the character of God. Smallville kids will learn power verses, Bible stories, and character building lessons as they develop a relationship with the Father. Our kids will have a blast growing together in Smallville.


Grades 1-6

In Big City, our kids will connect with each other and share His love with others. Pastor Angela leads the children in an energetic experience, filled with skits, puppets, exciting worship, costumed characters, games, object lessons, and interactive small groups. Big City provides a safe, respectful, and loving environment for children to learn how to engage with Jesus. Big City goes deeper in worship, deeper in God's word, and encourages kids to take their next steps with Jesus while empowering them to share His love with others. Our kids will have unforgettable experiences in Big City.

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Name tag labels should be placed on your child's back. For Big City, please place tag on the front.


Security tags
Safety is a priority in Journey Kids. Every volunteer who works in our kids area has gone through an extensive background check and our rooms are monitored by our safety team. Each class room has two or more volunteers serving for each gathering. We also utilize a computer check-in/check-out system to guarantee your child goes to the right person. We want every parent to feel confident in their child's safety while they entrust them to us.
When you pick up your child, present this tag to the volunteer. At any time during the gathering, if your child needs your attention, the child's code and classroom name will appear at the bottom left side of the screen in the adult gathering (For example: Smallville NF8). If this occurs, please come to your child's room with your claim sticker. We appreciate your attention so we can better serve your family. 

claim sticker

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